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Experience ” Discovering a jewel of the Atlantic “.

For this experience, plan to leave for the day.
We send you to one of the jewels of the Atlantic, the island of Aix.
Little known, this island will make you travel thanks to its exceptional landscapes.
You will fall in love with its wild look.
The access to the island is only by sea.
6 km of ocean separate the island from the mainland.
You have the choice between several ports of embarkation, but we recommend the one in Fouras, at the Pointe de la Fumée. It is the one closest to the campsite.

Practical advice:

It takes about 20 minutes to cross.
Note: remember to arrive at the pier 30 minutes before departure.

We advise you to opt for a morning departure. Indeed, this sublime escapade deserves that you devote the whole day to it… Take the time to take the time, in one word, KNOW!

Round trip rates:

  • Pedestrian individual rate: 16,80 €.
  • Young people from 11 to 18 years old : 14,50 €.
  • Children from 4 to 10 years old: 10,80 €.
  • Children – 4 years old : free
  • Family rate (2 adults + 2 children from 4 to 18 years old) : 52,80 €.

List to make sure you don’t forget anything:

  • Bring a hat to avoid sunstroke
  • Think about your sunscreen
  • Put on your swimsuit
  • A good pair of shoes (it is possible to walk or cycle around the island)
  • A picnic if you don’t want to stop at a restaurant
  • Bring cash, there is no ATM on the island
embarcation pour l'île d'Aix

Once you have set foot on the island, you will be conquered by its charm and authenticity.
In spite of the few tourists venturing there in high season, this nugget of the Atlantic has kept its tranquility.
Don’t miss this Atlantic gem.
To know: the island is 700m wide and 3 km long, renting bikes is the best way to visit the island at your own pace.
At Cyclaix, 200 meters from the port, you can rent bicycles of all sizes, tandems and children’s trailers.

Enter the heart of the island of Aix

Enter the heart of the island by crossing the drawbridge.
In the distance, you will see the charming little houses with blue shutters. The vegetation has taken possession of some facades.
Enjoy the rare quietness of the environment (here you will hear very little engine noise).
One could wander for hours in these narrow streets lined with flowers.
Leave the village and continue north. You will pass from village to village while having a breathtaking view of the ocean.
At the bend in the path, you will come across a small cove with translucent waters that will make you want to take a swim.

The most beautiful beaches of the island

  • The beach of Anse de la Croix : located near the lighthouse, you will have a breathtaking view of Fort Boyard. It is also the most frequented.
  • The big beach: a nice sandy beach with clear water, ideal for an afternoon swim with the family.
  • The beach of the Yellow Sands: it is the most beautiful, it is located in the north of the island. This small intimate cove will be ideal for a family retreat.
  • La plage aux Coquillages : it is the biggest beach of the island. It is surrounded by Carrelets.

A landmark visit

During this day on the island of Aix, do not miss its lighthouse.
It is recognized by its famous red and white color.
At the foot, you will find the famous beach of Anse de la Croix.
Once your tour of the island is over, take the pier back to Fouras.
We strongly advise you to take a tour of this small town before returning to the campsite.
Stroll along its waterfront, in summer the embankment is animated.
Back from this day to discover the jewel of the Atlantic, we would be delighted to have your feedback on this day.

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