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Experience “Discover the island of Ré”

Destination the island of Ré for a day.

When you spend your vacations at the Blue Lagon campsite, a visit to the Ile de Ré is a must.
This island has a good reputation and believe us it is not usurped. Yes, it is indeed a dream day ahead, a perfect getaway to discover the beauties of this unique territory.
A few kilometers from the campground, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
The island of Ré is full of unsuspected treasures.

Some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises…

Like all jewels, the island of Ré is precious and prized by tourists.
From the campsite, it takes about 1 hour to get there.
In high season, we advise you to get up at the first light of the sun…
Indeed, to avoid the traffic jams that can sometimes occur around the bridge, it is best to be there before 8:30-9:00.

Good to know : to be able to cross the bridge linking the island of Ré to the mainland, you must pay a fee of 16 € for the round trip.
It may also take some time before you find a parking space.
We advise you to stay away from the cities.

The Whale Lighthouse

To start the day, we suggest a bike ride.
You will quickly realize that the best way to visit the island of Ré is by bike. Between the kilometers of cycle tracks crossing beaches and forests, you will take pleasure to walk.
Thanks to the many kilometers of bicycle paths at your disposal, it is possible to cycle around the island.
Here the trails are accessible to both experienced and amateur cyclists.
The terrain is flat all along the walk.
Be careful though, the flow of mountain bikers in high season is high.

Departure from La Couarde sur Mer where you can rent bicycles (you can also bring your own on a bike rack). We advise you to book in advance.
The route will lead you to the Baleines lighthouse (15.5 km of walk).
Count 2 hours round trip for this walk.

Take the time to take the time.
You are on vacation, so take the time to do this walk at your own pace and especially look up to admire the landscapes that pass before your eyes.
At the bend in the road, don’t hesitate to take a break to admire the different viewpoints.

In the distance, the Whale Lighthouse becomes larger and larger as you go along.
This small point in the distance, quickly becomes an imposing building forcing you to raise your head to admire it.
If your calves allow it, you can climb to the top. But you will first have to climb the 257 steps before you can admire the 360° view that this lighthouse offers.

Price for the ascent : 3,20 euros

Seen from above, the clarity of the water will make you want to swim.
After a break on the beach, you can go back to La Couarde sur Mer.

We advise you to take the road to the village of Saint-Martin en-Ré.

This city with its authentic charm will offer you real postcard scenery. As you get closer to the port, you will smell the tasty cuisine coming from the restaurants. Choose the one that suits you best and settle in. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the boats at the docks while tasting a delicious cuisine.
As an appetizer, delicious island oysters accompanied by a glass of Chardonnay.
For the main course, a grilled salmon and its small vegetables.
And for the desert, a tasty homemade ice cream to help digestion.
To digest, walk into the heart of the city.
The alleys, sometimes paved, make you want to wander for hours. On both sides of the aisles, pretty craft shops offer beautiful handmade products.
It’s hard to resist the temptation of not bringing back a souvenir.
To appreciate the city from another angle, climb to the top of the Saint Martin church. You will have a breathtaking view of this city of character.

End of the day on the island of Ré.

In spite of its high season crowds, the island of Ré is a must-see. You will be seduced by its charm.
To avoid traffic jams on the way back, extend the pleasure of walking on the island until the evening.
You can for example go to Sainte Marie de Ré and walk along the coast, then continue by posing you at the terrace of a bar, sea view.
You will then be closer to the bridge.
If you liked this day, do not hesitate to let us know when you return to the campsite.

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