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100% “Adrenaline” experience

Ready to take the plunge?

For this half-day, we propose you to fill up with sensations.
This is a program that thrill-seekers will love.
For this experience that takes your hair out, it is better not to have a heart condition…
Do you want to experience the big thrill? Then you’ve come to the right place.
A few steps away from the Blue Lagon by l’île Verte campsite, Big’Air offers you parachute flights.
This professional skydiving school is located in Rochefort.

Practical information: It will take 30 minutes by car to get there. You can park easily on site.

Excitement and anxiety, that’s the sweet mix of sensations you’ll feel on the way to the base.
This cocktail of emotions will increase the rhythm of your heartbeat.
You love the adrenaline rush!
Once you arrive on the tarmac, you will be briefed for a few minutes. Necessary for safety reasons.
Once equipped with your harness, you will finally board the boat.
The takeoff for a 20 minutes flight is imminent.
Your hands are sweaty,
You can’t stop thinking about the jump that awaits you.
But don’t forget to enjoy the scenery that passes before your eyes.
You will have a breathtaking view of the Charente-Maritime coast.
After a few minutes of flight, it’s time for the free fall… 200 km/h. After 50 seconds of letting go in the air, the parachute opens.
You can take a breath and come to your senses.
The shivers that run through your body are the result of this overwhelming jump.
For almost 10 minutes, you will slowly fly over the coast. You will be amazed!

Note: there are certain conditions to respect in order to practice tandem jumping:

  • You must be over 13 years old and have parental authorization for minors.
  • Weigh between 43kg and 95kg dressed.
  • Bring a soft outfit (e.g. sports shoes, jeans)

Rate :
– 258 euros
– 90 euros the video of your jump on DVD

One thing is for sure, you will never forget this half-day experience.

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